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A few words about Zagorochoria

Zagorochoria is a unique area, a kingdom made of stone, formed during the ages by nature and the man.

      In Tsepelovo, the most magnificent village of the central Zagori, is located “Kadi” hostel. The hostel consists of two individual stone building, built in the traditional architectural style of Zagorochoria. It has rooms and apartments that can accommodate up to 35 guests. All have in-suite bathroom, individually controlled heating, and some of the fireplace. On the ground floor there is the spacious lobby where you can enjoy your breakfast, coffee, drink or a treat near the fireplace. When the weather allows it, you can enjoy the garden full with colorful flowers under the shadow of the walnut tree.

From the first moment the visitor tastes the unique combination of hospitality and tradition. During the hearty breakfast you will enjoy the homemade bread, the hot trahanas, the homemade marmalades, and the warm zimaropites and cheese pies, prepared by the hands of Vangelio. But above all, the warm welcome and the company of Gianni’s family, around the fireplace of the lobby, will make you feel sure for your choices, and will recommend you the best routes for you to explore and discover some of the most beautiful areas of Zagori.

The ideal destination for those who want to combine the enjoyment of the natural scenery with the hospitality of an unforgettable stay. It is ideal for couples, for the whole family or for groups of friends. Discover the charm of the tradition and comfort in a place with spectacular style and luxury!

North of Ioannia is located Zagori, or Zagorochoria as there are known also the 46 villages which are scattered among the pine and fir forests of Pindos mountain, in a scenery with deep canyons and lacy rivers. A scenery that seems tough and dangerous but at the same time friendly, where the people live harmonically with the nature since the ancient times and create with them their own history.



       Start your magnificent trip in Zagorochoria, with main element the combination of the nature and the rocky scenery, and you will be lead in one of the most beautiful villages of central Zagori, Tsepelovo. Where “To Kadi” hostel waits for you with its unique style and luxury!

The picturesque village as well as the endless opportunities for excursions and activities, makes it the ideal place for the lovers of nature, and the friends of hiking and the mountainous adventures all year around.